Research & Evaluation


Selected Projects:

         ASTC Report

Association of Science and Technology Centers, Washington, DC – Front-end, formative, and summative evaluation of C3, a NSF-funded project to promote public understanding of global climate change through local studies of climate phenomena. The project is led by ASTC, and includes partnerships with The Yale Project on Climate Change, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, ScienCentral, Inc., and 12 participating science centers.

           LSU Report

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA
– Design and implement a comprehensive evaluation of the BioStart project that includes formative evaluation to support the development of the project deliverables, and a summative evaluation to measure program outcomes for the students, teachers, and parents involved in the BioStart program.

      NSTA Report

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), Arlington, VA – Multiple projects including formative and summative evaluations of the NSF-funded Linking Science & Literacy, Science Assessment, and Science & English Language Learners conferences, and the weeklong Mickelson-Exxon-Mobil Teachers' Academy that provides teachers with tools for integrating math and science teaching and fostering inquiry-based learning.

    WASBE Report

Washington State Board of Education,
Olympia, WA
– Development and implementation of a methodology to review the Washington's K-12 science standards. The review included a comprehensive review of relevant state and national documents, assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the standards, an expert panel review to benchmark the standards to exemplar states and nations, and facilitation of stakeholder and public input processes.